Quick Debate: Angular vs React

happy wednesday!! just hangin out having a super normal time at work, ignoring the anxiety of my new phone shattering to a million pieces as it hangs on for dear life on this $3 suction cup tripod 🥴 in other news, i had my first cup of coffee in four months and i am#feelin #it⁣ ⁣ and back to the regularly scheduled programming ➡️ i received questions about my experiences with#angular and #react. having switched between the two at work over the past few years, i learned a lot about both⁣


✅ complete framework. you get a lot of features out of box: routing, form validation, angular console⁣

✅ component css encapsulation (can do this in react too though)⁣

✅ great documentation, use of material components⁣

🛑 steep learning curve, required to learn typescript and variety of different structures (injectables, pipes, modules etc.)⁣


✅ hooks!! enforces functional component architecture, makes state management simpler. easier to unit test. ⁣

✅ writing javascript versus “writing angular”⁣

✅ one way data binding = usually less side effects⁣

✅ option to use typescript⁣

🛑 doesn’t have the complete suite of tools, need additional libraries for routing, etc⁣

🛑 design patterns not enforced, many to choose from (HOC, render props, drilling) so collaboration might be difficult⁣

despite my opinions on both frameworks, i don’t prefer one strongly over the other! professionally, i’ve written angular longer than react so i will always have a special place in my heart for it. it’s great for enterprises and large teams since the architecture is so opinionated. react is great too, and a bit easier to learn than angular. it’s my framework of choice for personal projects.⁣

when i was a twilight fan girl in 2008 (team jacob) i heard bella say she was "team switzerland" because she couldn't decide between edward or jacob. i feel the same about these frameworks.
⁣ did i miss anything? do you have a favorite and why?⁣

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