Quarantine Productivity Hacks

good morning friends 🍵 idk about you guys but i am struggling to stay home 👏 all 👏 the 👏damn 👏 time. so here are some *hopefully* realistic productivity tips on thriving and striving during quarantine, from this lazy chica:⁣

👾 set up a “working space“ at home if you don’t have one already - this can be your dining table, desk, or coffee table. try to avoid working on your couch, bed, or anything you mentally associate as a “relaxing” place⁣

👾 try to leave the house at least once a day. go for a long walk, practice yoga in the backyard, spy on your neighbors 🕵️‍♀️, or do some exercises at the park⁣

👾 if you regularly commute to work, try waking up at your normal time and get ready for the day. take a shower, put on “real” clothes, makeup, etc. you’ll get extra time during the day AND feel mentally prepared to attack the work day. the first week of quarantine was spent exclusively in my pajamas (bless) so i would always tilt my webcam above the neck so my colleagues couldn’t see the same exact shirt at standup every day 🤡⁣

👾 socialize! just bc you’re not *physically* at the office, doesn’t mean you can’t chat with teammates or colleagues via slack/hangouts⁣

👾 end your day with a routine. it’s easy to blur the lines between work and personal life hours so once you are done for the day, close your laptop and do “something” that marks the end of the work day - it could be as simple as cooking or walking your dog. for me it’s watching an episode of new girl on the couch or doing a home workout ⁣

and there you have it! looking for more tips too...what are ~you~ doing to adjust?

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